RUSHwahine is a women’s professional group designed to encourage, educate, & empower.

Join like-minded women for fun, bonding, support, & education. It’s “networking” without the awkward business card shuffle.

Bonding First, Business Second


Groomed in an industry where networking events take place on grand scales, I’ve gotten used to the obligatory business card swap.

Shortly after taking the entrepreneurship leap, I realized that these networking events were great for mass connections but left me yearning for more than a business card.

When I couldn’t find a place to make these deeper connections, I hosted the first RUSHwahine event. In the first few months, I quickly realized how much of a need there was for a place for powerful women to build real relationships.

Why RUSHwahine?

  • Connect with the other powerful women in our community.
  • Build strong business relationships that will only grow your businesses further.
  • Learn from fellow members about how to expand and achieve business goals.
  • Celebrate our wins and hard work with others.
  • See beyond the business card: bonding first, business second!

I hope you’ll join us on this journey. We’re in this together!