The beauty of {blending}

I like to use blend versus balance because there’s no true balance in life.

I’ve been a single working mama for most of my son’s life and can attest to the hustle of juggling all things in order to .. survive. I’ve traveled on business trips with my baby, shipped him off to different states, even flown others in just to sit him while I focused on my career and making money to take care of the both of us. Today, he’s 10 and although married & have amazing support from hubs, we continue to find it challenging to set aside US time to network, socialize due to both of us having pretty heavy work event schedules.

               To my fellow warrior working mamas :: Tunnel+Light

I’ve been on the hunt to partner with a sitting service for our events and am happy to announce partnership with Kerri Aybar, owner and operator of  Playgrounds​  and H LAND 7 “Hawaiian Keiki Club”​. Kerri has worked in the corporate sector specifically overseeing Day Spas and launched Playgrounds several years back when we were experiencing crazy furloughs and our kids were hardly in school (yes … less than today).


We are the life manual for our keiki and are exactly who we THINK we are; no more limiting beliefs!


CHEERS wahine!


Terra ~ Founder

let nothing stop you from finding your best self! -tf

let nothing stop you from finding your best self! -tf