-Attendees of RUSH -COPA-

Wendy Taylor – Pharmacist: “The event was intimate and timely. The activities were upbeat, fun and promoted networking”

Sloane Ketchum – Founder, HIVE #workdifferent & President of WomanUp Hawaii: “the food and drink was amazing.  Great gem in downtown Honolulu, definitely going back for date night!.”

Kamille Madeira – President & Owner, Wahine Net Designs “Although we were having more fun dancing than talking about business I believe that becoming friends with people is the first step for an alliance both professionally & personally.”

Lindsey Kesel – Writer & Editor, Word Rescue; Communications Director / SCHawaii Org: “I exchanged business cards with several potential clients and others who could refer my services. It was the perfect size to meet everyone and very fun as well!.”

-Attendees of RUSH -stir it up-

Morgan Maloney – Aerotek“it was a great event to meet and greet working women on the Island. The interactive chef was really fun and a good ice breaker”

“I thought it was a great event, lots of fun and a lot of laughter. It was great to be in a room filled with working women, share thoughts and experiences, and make new friends. Thank you for a great event!”

Rachel Lara – CustomFit Hawaii“Yes. It was great to meet new people for my business. Great way to network with all walks of life:)”

Amy Berthiaume – Coco’s Lingerie Boutique“Yes, the event allowed us contact with other women in business who may be able to use our services as well as spread word of our business through different communities.”

Bridgett Relphorde – Bluemoon Consultants“It was highly successful and productive. The way that the event was structured was conducive to allowing us to get to know each other on a more intimate level – it wasn’t strictly business.”

Laurien Nuss – Soul De Cuba“I sincerely appreciated attending this event. It was inspiring to see so many successful, beautiful women come together, have a little fun and make personal and professional connections. Creating a space and place for this type of networking is important!!”

-Attendees of RUSH 2014!-

Jory Atamian – Living Social Hawaii: “Got to meet some great women & some potential prospects for my business”, “Great way to learn about each other & find common interests”.

Angel Huddleson – Reiki Honolulu: “My goals were to hand out my business card and meet great people, so goals were met”, “Perfect venue!”

Camille Naluai – Faith Naluai Realty: “I really felt I made some real connections”

Charlie Texeira – North Shore Embroideries Route 99: “I liked how it was organized so we could meet several other participants, many of whom were outside my normal networking circles.”

Kelli Chun – Opulicious Corp: “ It was beyond my expectations” (the event)

Christina Wycheck – Kahala Associates: “Learned a lot about one another in a very comfortable setting. Great forum for women.”

Malia Souza – Business Owner: “Yes, this event helped me to branch out and talk with women that are in business for themselves.”

Debbie Tamura – Business Owner: “FANTASTIC JOB!” The venue was exquisite, food tasty and plenty, comfortable, the itinerary was super and you did a sensational job! Everything about that event was first class! Thanks again!”