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While we rely and thrive in an ever evolving virtual world, we cannot escape the greatest opportunity in authentically connecting: face to face engagement. I’m so glad that you’re here, and I look forward to helping you grow your business and connect with other RUSHwahine.


Groomed in an industry that encourages networking I frequently found myself in a plethora of handshakes and rapid business card swapping. Valuing both the opportunity to cultivate new business and connecting with like minds, I launched RUSHwahine -  professional, social, and educational events for women with a bit of a twist.

RUSHwahine is a value-packed community of professionally driven women who go beyond networking and dive into the important entrepreneurial phases of encouragement, education and empowerment. Members receive access to events, learning resources, mentorship, and marketing exposure.


RUSHwahine is a refreshing way to connect, discover, and breathe collaboration. Reverse networking: BONDING FIRST, BUSINESS SECOND. We carve out events with you in mind. Events I want to go to with my girlfriends. Powerful events that make me feel good! 


Online Workshops

Social Mixer Events

Content Upcycle Cohort

Content Vault with Plug & Play Marketing Assets

  • Monthly membership meeting for Networking & Coaching

  • Peer to Peer mentorship opportunities

  • Submit questions specific to your business so Terra can answer them

  • Expand your personal and professional circles with members and non-members.

  • Share your product or services.

  • Special member rate for hosting Vendor tables

  • Build relationships beneficial for your holistic growth.

  • Engage in safe spaces that encourage authentic discussion

  • 20% discount for all events

Twice a year, participate in a cohort with other RUSHwahine as you walk through Terra's exclusive Content Upcycle Cohort available only to her Consulting clients & RUSHwahine members. Learn how to minimize your sweat equity while maximizing your ROI, so you can get visible & increase leads!

$599 value

Get exclusive, FREE access to Terra's Content Vault, including 1 email per month and 4 social posts. Attend the cohort to learn how to customize them for your business. 

$59 per month value


Terra Foti

Born and raised on the island O'ahu, I come from a large and passionate family who love and live with wild abandonment. Though very blessed to call Hawai’i ‘home’, island life doesn't naturally instill an entrepreneurial mindset.


I fumbled through a total of nine schools, thirteen different times and was slanging Chinese fast food by the age of 14. When asked, "what do you want to do when you grow up," my answer was "survive." Never having the time or space to discover me.


Fast forward, I’m a self-loving, single mom with a raging career in hotel sales until ultimately the opportunity to leave corporate and launch my very own brain child presented itself - and so my story continues.


You may have nodded your head a few times, maybe you can relate; this is just the prologue to my journey as a woman, mom, wife, leader, business owner. Professionally, I have a passion for helping others to not only survive, but to thrive here in Hawai'i. I'm obsessed with lead generating and connecting people who want to build strong relationships and grow their businesses. I have extensive knowledge in the real estate and hospitality industries and have worked for several large resorts in high volume destinations like Las Vegas, Waikiki, Big Island and most recently focusing on real estate and building RUSHwahine on Maui. My drive allows me to pursue opportunities beyond my immediate vantage point and connect the revenue dots for many of our wahine who aren't yet familiar with navigating this entrepreneurial landscape. Through RUSHwahine I've created a world that works for me that fills my cup. That together - we will seed the next wave of wahine entrepreneurs - and I look forward to watching you and your business bloom throughout membership! RUSHwahine was founded so that you don't have to do this alone like I did, we're here for you!

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