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Authenticity, Vulnerability, & Accountability: the AVA’s of Success

Reflecting back to a RUSHwahine networking event that took place at the end of 2020: a powerhouse group of 25 women showed up at Aloha Beer Co., a chic bar in Honolulu’s historic brewing district. There, we mixed, mingled, and talked business before the holidays. Complete with prizes, activities and special vendors, this champagne-infused talk-story was by far one of the best of the year. Tears were shed, hearts were opened, and fears were conquered.

Sharing with Vulnerability & Authenticity

The day’s conversations focused on encouraging members to determine their power word for the year, reflecting on the past 12 months and getting ready for what’s to come in the new year. Moments of incredible breakthroughs occurred due to sharing with vulnerability, and stories of resiliency reminded us all that we are strong and impressive women with the courage and faith to create and excel in our own businesses that feed ourselves, our family, and our soul.


It’s events such as these that provide a space for you to take time to reflect on your business, where it’s been, and where you want to take it. That can help you tap into your truth, your inner goddess strength, and warrior mentality, which you need to grow in your professional life. Sometimes we as women have a tendency to not allow ourselves the proper time to embrace such moments, and that’s why this event was so special. Let’s not lose sight of the power in being accountable to one another, reminding ourselves to help each other, stay focused on our goals, and continue to build solid relationships.

Support from RUSHwahine membership

­­One such way to do that is by becoming a member. Members receive support, much like what was experienced at this past event and many others, through peer-to-peer accountability sessions. If you sign up to be a member of RUSHwahine, you get exclusive access to our member directory, where you can receive peer-to-peer mentoring and an opportunity to share your business goals and receive feedback on how to accomplish them.

As we move forward in our lives and in our businesses, my hope is always that you take with you what you experienced at each event. Take your power, your courage, and your inner strength into the next quarter, knowing that you are a badass woman first and foremost. Take chances, push yourself, and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

Keep checking back to our blog to stay up to date regarding the latest RUSH events. Contact us if you have any questions. xoxo


A huge mahalo to our supporters for that event back in 2020 - and thank you to all the vendors who shared their products with everyone. Those present were Paradise Nannies Hawaii, Kapa Hawaii, H20, Hawaii Client gifts, Maui Honey Bee, Dezion, LLC., and Charismatic Beauty. Another shoutout to our performers on Saturday, Simple Souls, and Maile for lifting our spirits with your soulful sounds!

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