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Pono is Key for Business in Hawai’i

In Hawai’i, we do things a little differently thanks to the aloha spirit that embodies us all. Whether you’re considered malihini or are a kanaka maoli, all who live and work here have a duty to stay true to the values of our culture and bring those values into our businesses. One of the most important values for us is being pono.

What it means to be Pono

Being pono is in essence to live right, to act right, and to treat others right. Here at RUSHwahine, we encourage our members to be pono in all aspects of their business especially, and that means to be part of a collaborative culture that aligns us with those who can positively feed our fire. Co-existing in a small footprint packed with unexpected cliques not afraid to light up coconut wireless faster than the network you’re streaming on, there’s little to no tolerance for anything other than for us to strive in this manner.

It also means honoring your word, sticking to your agreements, and staying committed to work that continues to serve your mind, body, soul. One way to do that is through a membership where you will be able to reflect on your business decisions then massage, rearrange and fine-tune with the help of our other members. One of the amazing aspects of our grassroots, all-female empowerment core is our ability to create a safe place for all members to share, be vulnerable, be honest, and most importantly, be pono together. The path towards success may not look the same for everyone, but if your choices, actions, words and deeds are aligned with the best intentions possible, then once you obtain the success you seek you will feel satisfied and proud of yourself because you did it the right way.

How are you Pono?

Let us know how you can be pono in your life and business. What actions can you take today to live a more righteous and honest life for yourself, your family and your community? Who can you reach out to for encouragement and what do you need to be fulfilled? Let us know. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and keep checking back to see what events are happening in RUSHwahine.

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